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Kim Mayfield, Manager

Kim Mayfield, Manager

Reporting Vendor Payments

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filling in w9 tax formVendors. Collecting each one’s tax identification number on a signed W9 so you can send them their 1099 tax forms by the January 31 deadline can be challenging—to say the least. All too often, tax ID numbers are unknown, misplaced or incorrect, which can leave you facing penalties for late filing or incorrect information.

Let Provision Business Services, LLC help you avoid that January nightmare. We’ll keep track of everything throughout the year to make sure you have an IRS form W9 from every vendor with plenty of time for prompt filing.

Obtaining IRS Form W9 from Vendors

Did you know that you not only have to pay vendors, but you have to collect their tax identification number and report to the IRS how much you pay them?

With day-to-day bookkeeping, Provision Business Services, LLC can request and keep track of W9s from all of your vendors. We know who qualifies as a vendor and stay up-to-date with the latest regulations so that you’re prepared to report vendor payments on time every year.

Filing 1099s to Avoid Penalties

Filing 1099s on time is important to avoid penalties. The IRS is cracking down on penalizing businesses for:

  • Incorrect tax ID numbers and mismatches between the ID number and the entity name
  • Not filing 1099s when they are required

Provision Business Services, LLC helps you get the information you need to fill out 1099s and file on time—with accurate information so that you remain completely current with the IRS.

Save More Time and Money with Provision Business Services, LLC

It is our vision to provide bookkeeping services that result in more free time and more money for Albuquerque business owners. You are too valuable to your business to be spending all your time collecting tax ID numbers. Provision Business Services, LLC does that and more, including payroll and payroll tax reporting, gross receipts tax calculation and reporting, accounts payable and accounts receivable, and all of the bookkeeping services you need to free up your time to take your business to the next level.

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