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Kim Mayfield, Manager

Kim Mayfield, Manager

Organizing your Financial Records

Do you have trouble keeping track of your records? Do you throw all of your receipts into the trash? Maybe you have good intentions and just need some ideas on how to organize. Provision Business Services, LLC can help.

Part of what makes Kim Mayfield a great bookkeeper is that she is a great organizer. She can help you implement a system of organization that helps you keep track of your receipts and records so that you not only save time and money, but are also able to make better business decisions.


Organize financial receiptsThe IRS requires documentation to substantiate every expense and deduction you take. Just having a purchase show on a credit card or bank statement doesn’t pass muster with the IRS. You must keep your receipts.

Better Organization = Faster Bookkeeping

Organization speeds up everything you do because you are no longer spending time searching for things. Being able to get things done faster is both a time and money-saving benefit. When you are financially organized, it is easier to pay your bills and taxes by the deadlines and easier to make sure you don’t bounce checks. This can improve your credit, which alone saves you money and may also improve your ability to secure financing.

Fast Resolution to Common Problems

Let’s face it: not everybody out there keeps great books. You’ll get hit with questions from customers and vendors who haven’t kept good track of things. Now, you’ll be able to confidently provide documentation as to what financial transactions transpired and which ones didn’t. For example:

If a vendor claims that you haven’t made a payment, you can easily show which payments you made and for which invoices. You don’t have to spend hours trying to find records that may or may not be there. You also don’t have to send the vendor a check simply because you can’t find anything to prove you did make the payment.

You will be amazed at the time you save searching—and the money you save from not having to accept the customer’s word that they made a payment.

At Provision Business Services, LLC, we work with you, one-on-one, to find the best organization system for your business so you can save more time and more money. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to learn how our professional bookkeeping services can help you organize your finances.

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