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Kim Mayfield, Manager

Kim Mayfield, Manager

Professional Financial Analysis

Learn More about your Albuquerque Business

filling in financial reportInformation about your business is the key to success—the more detailed the information, the better.  Provision Business Services, LLC uses the data you collect (your invoices and bills) to create useful information so you can make strategic and more informed business decisions.

Better Business Decisions

While financial statements are the first step to understanding your business’ finances, professional financial analysis may cause you to ask more specific and more detailed questions, such as:

  • What is my most popular selling item?
  • What inventory do I have that just isn’t moving?
  • Who is my best customer?
  • Which items generate the most profit? Or the least?
  • Am I selling anything at a loss because of indirect costs?
  • Which employee has the best sales record?

We are able to answer these questions specifically and can even help you design a course of action to improve the outcome.

For example, maybe you want to mark up your most popular-selling item just a few cents to improve revenue. With a professional financial analysis, we would be able to pinpoint your most popular item as well as determine if you were able to maintain the sales rate at that new price.

Or, how about seeing if you can switch schedules around so that you can put your best sales people on at times when you have peak traffic in your store? This information helps you fine tune your business so even if you were making money before, you’ll make more now.

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Provision Business Services, LLC addresses the crucial questions and concerns you have about your business. Whatever question you need answered, Provision Business Services, LLC will find a way to get your answer.

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